lifelovessarah (lifelovessarah) wrote in bandgeeks,


hey y'all!

my name is sarah, i'm a trombonist from texas. i'm in primarily marching band, but i also do concert band and jazz band. except i think that i'm going to quit jazz band because my director, who is also my director for concert and marching, is a psycho. but only when it comes to jazz band. he thinks we're professionals or something. which we aren't and it bugs the crap out of me. so i'm quitting jazz, even though i love it.and i never even got to try out for all state jazz! but anyway. i also love being in region and all state concert bands. [if you get in them, you get a full scholarship to my summer band camp.] my marching camp is in 33 days, i'm very excited. but it also  could end up being pretty bad. who knows. i think the whole band thing isn't gonna be nearly as good as last year. our five best players, seniors, had to quit because of some honors physics thing, not sure what. and our best alto sax quit to play football. but he's really small so he's gonna get beaten up real bad. but anyway. he was so good! he won all state jazz three years in a row. when he was a freshman, too.

okay, i bet y'all are getting sick of me already. so i'll stop my incessant chattering.
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