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so, bandcamp was in october...... but I have neglected to tell you about it, so I will do so now.

We played (the mentors, AND OUR TEACHER) truth or dare. It was absolutely HORRIFIC. I have learned the following things about my jr. high band director:
-he's had a foursome
-he's done all sorts of drugs including cocaine and heroine
-he used to pick up women at the bar
the list goes onnnnn..... I know that really isn't so abnormal (especially for a hippie who REMEMBERS the 70's, but IT"S MY BAND DIRECTOR :X )

so. also, during truth or dare, I had to kiss two girls in front of my boyfriend, which was awkward.


that's pretty much it.......


this stupid bitch flute player put tampons with hot sauce on them all over the boys camp, after she broker her own 2 grand flute and blamed it on this poor little 7th grader. she's not allowed back at band camp.


apologies, but:

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