ktree_kenobi (ktree_kenobi) wrote in bandgeeks,

brass vs. woodwinds

hey all, i've been part of this group for a while and i have yet to say anything, and i see there hasn't been a post made in a few days, so i thought why not...

anyway, i just got done with band camp and a full week of practice everyday and i'm unbelievably exhausted. this year i switched from playing clarinet to trumpet, and i could not be more pleased with my decision. i am having WAY more fun on trumpet... and anyway, i was just wondering, is there much of a "playful" competition between brass and woodwinds in your marching bands? we don't really have one, it's just that 9/10 of the time, brass is working harder and we have way more enthusiasm so the instructors are more pleased with us. and even if there is no competition whatsoever where you're from... which do you think is better? i was also wondering if anybody was just like me and switched from a woodwind to brass instrument, and if they share the same enthusiasm.

just making conversation.
hope you're all having fun in band! i know i am... =]
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