me. (w_bdkid07) wrote in bandgeeks,

Ha. I'm going to post something in here since it looks like this community has kinda died.'s summer! Which means band camp will just be around the corner.  I'm so excited! Lol. I think our show is pretty cool this year. It's called "Men in Black". But see, here's the thing. You'd think that it  would consist of music from the movie "Men in Black". But it doesn't!  We're going to be playing show music from different movies in which different men wear black. Like...there's going to be a section where we're playing Zoro stuff and then 007 stuff. I think I got that right. lol. So yeah. It'll be cool. I hope it turns out really swell because it'll be my last season! I'm going to be a senior this year! Yeah! ::here comes senioritis::  So yeah...Um...we've got  lots of new members this season. Lots of them middle school kids. our school is kinda small (just about 1000 kids from k-12 and only like 400 in h.s) so our director let 7th & 8th graders join the program. But yeah...that's about it.
ps- some of the kids in marching band are going to BOA in Illinois. I'm not cause my fam's got plans set. i really wanted to go too. oh well.  :(
Have an awesome summer!  ^_^
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