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Hey! I'm new to this name is Anne and I am going to be a junior at my HS in Michigan!!! I play percussion and I'm section leader of our school's bass line. We play during football season ith the rest of the band (like the songs at half-time and the pregame show) and then we (the drumline) do a thing at the end of each game called 'Drumthing'. This is where we play a show of cadences with visuals and other really cool stuff. When football season isn't going on, we are in concert season with the rest of the band so we go to festivals and play there and stuff. Today was our first rehearsal for the upcoming drumline season. We practice basically every Saturday during the summer and then we have a week in the summer for band camp. It is all really exciting and fun! Anyone else here on drumline and what sorts of things do you do?
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