Beck (irish_evil) wrote in bandgeeks,

Some help please

I am a marching band freak and I want to attend a college with a good marching band. Or just a great band in particular. I have no idea about this, so I'd appreciate any suggestions
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there are a lot of excellent college bands. where are you from/what region would you like to go to college in?
Not in dryland/desert areas. I'm from Hawaii, but I want to go somewhere on the mainland. Preferably somewhere with an ok climate
If you live in North Carolina, you could go to Western Carolina University. They have a freakin' amazing marching band. Watching them march can make anyone want to join band. In all they have a good music program that is contiually growing. They are supposed to be doing an exhibition at the bands of america competition next year. So I advice checking them out.
I'm from Michigan, so I know the bands around here. The climate sucks here though. But good bands around here are

Michigan State
Bowling Green
Ohio State
Eastern Michigan

But be warned, EMU has a good band (it's where I went this past year) but the rest of the school is lousy.


April 23 2006, 04:20:33 UTC 12 years ago

i'm from michigan too (where the weather is great if you like the seasons), i'm in my third year at emu. i was in the marching band my first year, and it was great. the rest of the school is not lousy though, i love it! you just gotta get involved and meet lots of people, the same with any school. good luck with your decision!
EMU sucks in comparison to every other school around. There's a difference, the other schools around EMU's size (Central, Western, Oakland, GVSU) are getting bigger and getting better and better. EMU is headed downhill.

And yes, I did get involved and meet people. The problem is that most of the people (even the ones who live on campus) have cars with them and treat it as a commuter school. It's very tough to build a sense of community when the campus clears out thursday night and friday morning.


April 24 2006, 23:34:08 UTC 11 years ago

maybe part of the reason emu has gone downhill is because people who go there now are telling other people its a shitty school when its really not that bad
I went to EMU excited for the school. Everything I'd done before attending made me love the school. It really seemed great. But then I got there, and realized that they're just really good at tours and making the school appear nice before you get there.

But I really did come with an open mind, excited. Only to be let down greatly.
University of Connecticut is friggin' amazing!
I'm not sure where you're located, but Appalachian State University has an awesome marching band. unfortunately, they don't exactly work on marching technique that often because they don't go to contests (most universities don't), but they certainly are pretty good and they're loved by everyone INCLUDING the sports teams.
Not to promote my own school, but the University of Washington has a great marching band, and I'm not just saying that cause I'm in it. Plus, I know a bunch of people from Hawaii who have come to this area and don't really mind the climate change that much. Just food for thought.